Cate Payne

Ceramics 1

Critique #1

This piece shows a lot of negitive space, also the texture looks like it was made out of medal and scrap junkyard material. The piece looks 3-D in this picture. The colors are gray and brownish and the gray and look almost matalic. I think this piece is a modern interpectation of the consumtion of the industies to our society. I do think that this piece is successful because it was good enough to be photographed and for us to write a critque on this piece of artwork. Overall this piece is very good and I could never be able to make something that looked as well as that does.

Critique #2

This piece looks to be made of a rock of some sort or it might just be the paint that the artist used. This piece looks to be very tall, maybe even life size. The artist seemed to know what the male body looked like or she had a model to scult from. The artwork is sculpted to be a slave probably from the 1800's or so. The emotion of this piece is sad or even solemn. I think this artwork communicates the hardships of being a slave back in the day and how slaves weren't treated as people should be treated. Slaves could be bought and sold very quickly. Overall i think the piece is successful because it looks like it is being displayed in a museum.

Tea Mug

I created this project because i needed a new mug to drink out of and i thought it would be fun to make a mug with a lid on the top of it. I had many problems making this piece of artwork. One of the problems I had making this artwork was that I would not get the handles to stay on and making them the same thickness and size. Another problem was that I wouldnt get the lid the right size, it was either to small or to big. I wish I would have made the lid smaller and so it fit the cup better but too late to go back now. I would also change the size of the mug portion because it is out of porpotion to the rest of the piece.


I created this piece becuse I wanted to make my grandparents a nice vase/ bowl thing that they could put things in. I had a few problems making this piece. One problem was making the coils. Coils are very hard to make and to get all the coils the same size and around the same thickness. Another problem I encountered was trying to smooth out the entire pot, as you can see it didnt end up being very smooth after all. If I could change something about this piece it would be the shape, I iwsh I would hae done it a little bigger and a little taller. Also I wish I could change the color to a nicer color.