What We Want In The Rainforest

By: Rachel Lutz

General Information

The native amazonian came about 12,000 years ago. They use the Amazon's resources in their everyday living. They eat the food that grows in the Amazon and uses the medicines the Amazon provides. The Amazon has 1/4 of the Worlds medicine growing in it. The native amazonian have traditions and the Amazon is their home.

I Want To Keep My Home


The native amazonian should be able to keep the land for many reasons. First of all it's their home. Loggers, cattle ranchers, and other people are destroying their native homes. The native amazonian use the resources for good. They use the food to feed their family, the oxygen to breathe, and the medicine to heal. The loggers, cattle ranchers, and other people should not kick the amazonian's from their houses and home because than your wrecking their history and culture which is alive in the Amazon.

About Me:

I am a native amazonian and I live in the Amazon with my family. One tradition that we have is painting our faces. One thing that we really want is the Amazon to be preserved so that future generations can live in the Amazon and be apart of the native amazonian culture and history.