Secret of the Sevens

Lynn Lindquist


People on Amazon rated it 5 stars. Also GoodReads rated it 4.26 out of 5.


There is something in this book for every one.


There is romance, mystery, action, and secret societies



Main Character

The main character's name is Talan, He is a boy,18,plays football,and he is risk taking

Talan's problem

Talan's problem is that he has no where to go once he gratuate's, so when he gets the sevens letter he decides to join to see if he can earn some money for college

Details about the book

It has action,mystery,and humor. It also has moments when your heart will start to race and huge plot twists.

My Favorite part

My favorite part is when Talan is telling his secret to the other sevens and when they tell their secrets.

Quote from the Tests of the Sevens

"Your founder was wise indeed, are you?"

Why you should read my book

I recommend this book because it has plot twists, mystery , romance, humor, and secrets.

Also what happens at the school and the secrets it has will make your heart race.

This is why I recommend my book."Secret of the Sevens is an action packed young adult mystery adventure.I love puzzle solving and clues, so this was a great fit for me. I couldn’t put Secret of the Sevens down. With more twists, turns and reveals than you can count, a really cute developing crush romance, and a spooky boarding school setting, Secret of the Sevens has something for everyone". A review from amazon.