Destiny Abbott

He Wants It All-Forever Jones (With Lyrics In Description)

My Five Goals

1. I want to pass all my classes

2. This semester I want to start applying for scholarships.

3. I going to take my work and grades more serious.

4. I will ask for help and speak up when I'm not sure.

5. Just have a good school year !!

Unbroken - Motivational Video

Why I Made These Goals !

I made these goals because last semester all I did was play around and I really didn't want to do my work. I passed with good grades but I wasn't pleased with how i acted. I want to pass all my classes because I plan on becoming a FBI agent or therapist. I made the second goals because I don't want to have to pay too much for college. I made the third one because last semester I didn't do my work all the time and I played around in class. I made the fourth one because I don't like to speak up when I need help with something. the last one i made because I just want ti have a fun school year.
VISION - Motivational Video
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