Is the use of standardized tests

Improving education in America


Is the use of standarized test improving education? The test that the students of the state of Texas take every school year is called the Staar. Third through eighth grade student are forced to take this test every academic year. This test will determine if you pass or fail to the next grade.

Why is this an issue in the state of Texas?

This is an issue because students during the school year have outsanding grades, but when it is the time for them to take the test which will determine if the student passed or failed they get nervous and do not score above their average. Third through fifth grade students get really nervous, because they have so much pressure on them thinking their not going to pass or getting a low score on this test. Students get stressed the day before of the test they do not pay attention during the insrtuctional day and  students do not get to sleep, because they are thinking of the test.

Some images of the test

Staar will stress you out

Pro's and Con's of this test.

PROS1.  This test makes sure students are successful.2. This helps us improve in our academic performence3. Prepares the student on big test like this one.CONS1. Students get really nervous.2. Get stressed the day before or even weeks before.3. Students doubt themself on passing this test.



Summary of what I think of the standardised test.

I think taking standardized test is fair because, the first amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. This first amendment applies to all school districts. In 2002 George W. Bush signed the act of the standardized test which meant every state had to thake this test every school year. This was because in the year 2000 U.S. students were 18th place in math in the world, but in the year 2009 the U.S. was 31st place in the world in math. Students in China started taking standardized test before the U.S. Then Boston started to take standardized test and then the whole U.S. adopted this test. Since then the U.S. have been in really good standing in the record, so I think it is fair for students to take standardized test in the U.S.
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