All About Recycling E-Waste

The Dangers of Recycling E-Waste

When you recycle e-waste, you think that you are doing a good thing. You think you get rid of e-waste responsibly. That isn't the case. E-waste gets sent across the globe to developing countries such as India, China, and Bangladesh. These workers, without any protective gear, smash open computers and electronic junk to get the valuable metal, like lead. This pollutes streets and water sources and leads them to an early death.

Design For the Dump

Design for the Dump is where manufacturers design products that are made so that

people will easily break their products so they have to always be buying the latest model.

This means that more products accumulate in the dump.

Moore's Law

Gordon Moore predicted that every 18 months, manufacturing speed will increase. So far, he has been right. This is known as Moore's Law. But that doesn't mean you should buy new products every 18 months.

Toxic Waste

Computers... These machines have evolved and come a long way. So, people are chucking old ones for new ones. Did you know even one of those has 5 pounds of lead in them??

Like lead poisoning...

Developing Countries

When you 'recycle your e-waste, guess where it goes? To some guy's shop of in India, or China. All of it goes to a developing country.