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December - 'Tis the Season

Hello Heath Brook families,

We are in a month that seems to slide past us so fast that we think there must be fewer days to do everything on our lists, which seem neverending. We want to provide wonderful experiences for our children and our families while continuing to teach them how to access this beautiful world of ours.

We are aware of the many events and activities that families are invited to - in school and out - find the ones that bring you and your child(ren) joy and have meaning for you. Don't feel that you have to do everything just because it's on the calendar. Give yourself permission to say, "not this year."

In addition to the joys and busyness of the holiday season, our second-grade families and staff are preparing to move to a new school building at the end of the month. This can be exciting; it may also cause stress. While this is a normal reaction, we ask the adults in our children's lives to be as calm as possible; our children take their cues from us. If we are calmer and have positive attitudes, they will be calmer because they know we have things under control.

Students and teachers will be visiting and touring the Center Elementary School on December 20th. This will give everyone a chance to see where their new classroom is, and get to walk around the school.

We believe that it's important to recognize and honor the beginnings and endings that happen throughout our lives. On Thursday, December 22nd, we will be having a whole school assembly (sorry, only students and staff at this one) where we will celebrate and give thanks for all the years grade 2 has been part of Heath Brook. Our second-grade students and teachers have prepared a gift for the school, and it will also be a time for us to recognize and thank them for their contribution and for the joy they brought into our lives.

So, before the pace quickens too much, I'd like to take this moment to give thanks for the wonderful families of the Heath Brook community and to wish you all comfort and joy, health, and happiness.


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Unified Arts Specialists - Term 2

Look at our latest messages from Art, Digital Literacy, Music, Physical Education, Reading, STEAM!

From the Library...

Library students are in the midst of a visual literacy unit. Visual literacy is the idea that images convey meaning, which at the K-2 level is vitally important since so many of their texts contain pictures. Their stories wouldn’t be as robust without the pictures, and in many cases, much of the story would be missed if one only looked at the text or only looked at the pictures; it’s the marriage of the two that creates a vibrant story.

Kindergarten has focused on wordless picture books and Caldecott Medal winners. We are also exploring the idea of empathy through books and are making beautiful cards for hospitalized children.

First graders enjoyed using photographs to sequence their own stories. There were some very creative plots! They also are learning how to read graphic novels, which isn’t as easy as you’d think!

Second grade explored the importance of perspective in picture books and then had the opportunity to draw their perspective of the school from the sky or the sky from the ground. You can see their work on display near the library.

Since we will sadly say goodbye to the second graders at the end of the month, I ask parents to double-check with their kids that they have all their books returned to the library by 12/23. The Center School librarian and I have been hard at work to make sure books are ready to go for your students when they get to the new school’s library.

December News from the Nurse

It's that time of year again, and the cold weather has arrived. Make sure your children

have a warm hat and mittens for when they go outdoors for recess.

Kind Reminder

If your child received a referral for vision or hearing, please see their primary care

physician (PCP) for additional evaluation. Referrals should be signed by a medical

professional and returned to the school nurse.


Please send in any updated physicals for your child to help us keep our records up to date.

Thank you in advance.


We are noticing an increase in respiratory, gastrointestinal, and flu illnesses as we spend

more time with others indoors. Please remember the 24-hour guideline while dealing with

any illnesses associated with fever, vomit, or diarrhea.

Fever- To return, you must be fever-free and not require fever medication.

Vomit- 24 hours begins from last episode

Stay warm,

Mrs. Rossi

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Volunteer (or two) needed

We are looking for help once a month changing the message on the school sign in our front yard. If you're interested, please contact Jen Cunningham-Allard in the school office.

2nd Grade Concert Notice Heath Brook School

We are preparing our concert for you and wanted you to mark your calendars for Friday, December 16. The concert will be in the Heath Brook School cafeteria.


The classes of Bancroft and Bowden will perform at

10:00am on Friday, December 16.

The classes of Enos, Taggart, and Mulloy will perform at

2:00pm on Friday, December 16.


Children should wear black pants or skirts and white tops. If you don’t have black and white, just improvise with a dark color on the bottom and a light color on the top!

The students are working hard to prepare for this concert and I am very proud of them. I look forward to seeing you there!


Miss Bridgford

Music Teacher at the Dewing and Heath Brook School

The World According to Mister Rogers - Important Things to Remember

The Courage to be Yourself

There's no "should" or "should not" when it comes to having feelings. They're part of who we are and their origins are beyond our control. When we can believe that, we may find it easier to make constructive choices about what to do with those feelings. (p20)

Information from our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Tewksbury Special Education PAC (TSEPAC)

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