Squishy Squids

By: Allanah MIchelle Mednard


Imagine being a diver, swimming in the vast Great Barrier Reef then, out of blue, something, as big as a monster, swims in front of you and is being attacked by a sperm whale. What is shocking creature? It is a squid. In my online article you will learn about the squid's body structure, diet, and its movement system.


As you can see, squid are intelligent creatures that live in our ocean floors. With an unique body structure, peculiar diet, and a complex movement system, the squid is definitely is animal I would enjoy learning more about.


Watch this video if you want to more about the squid!
The Myth of Giant Squids! - Fact or Fictional w/ Veronica Belmont


Check out my poem about squids!
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Word Wall

This is my word wall on squids! It was made on Google Drawings.
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Check out my Fun Facts comic made by Google Draw.
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Google Forms Quzzle

Test your knowledge! All answers are in this article!

Go Fish!

In GoFish, we learned how to budget. My group was Alessia Turelli and Avery Marques. On Day 1 we added decorations. Our theme was Finding Nemo. We put in a Nemo and Dory statue. We also put a background, a fake coral, and a Top Fin Castle. After, we found out that we spent $129.21. On Day 2, we bought 5 fish. They were the Comet Goldfish, Blue Crowntail Betta, a Red Veiltail Betta, a Blue Tang (Dory), and a Lemon Peel Angel. I had a blast in GoFish.

These are some the fish we used in our tank!


Do you want to know more about the squid? Check out these websites that helped my research!


This is a picture of my diorama. Many animals are including like the squid, my main topic.