Class News

Miss Sweeney's Kindergarten


Our true stories have really become quire the masterpieces! We are like real authors using editing checklists to make sure the organization, sequence, elaboration, craft, and mechanics have all come together to make an engaging story for readers.

Compare & Contrast

We have talked a lot about comparing and contrasting various texts. Just as we did in the beginning of the year with different versions of "The Gingerbread Man," we've been practicing again with "The Night Before Christmas."


We love the game "Number After Race!" This game is great practice for using the language ________ comes after _________." The children roll a die with a specific range of numerals on it. Then, they move their counter to the number on the game board that comes just AFTER the one rolled. The challenge is: partners hold each other accountable for saying "_______ comes after________" before a player can move. It is more difficult than you think! Often times, students want to say the number on the die first and then say "comes before ________." Holding the number in their head and using the correct positional language is a difficult task. Below is the direct link for the game. Check out the Kentucky Numeracy Project for more awesome family activities! :)

Fun Events this Week

  • 7th Grade Spanish carolers visited our room!
  • 5th Grade Drama folktale performances!
  • "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (cartoon version) in the library!

Holiday Party

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered or contributed to make our holiday program a huge success! All your support is appreciated more than you know for both the teachers and the students. The children look forward to this celebration for weeks! I hope everyone had a wonderful break and a joyous holiday season.