The Brief

By Nolan, Zach, and Hudson (DOOR)

About Us

Our group was Nolan, Zach, and Hudson. Nolan was the Load Master, Zach was the Pilot and Navigator, and Hudson was the Medical Officer. Our mission in Tacloban is to solve the problem of Cholera. Our primary objective was to help the people of Tacloban.


Our groups main goal was to solve the problem of Cholera. To solve this problem, we had to deliver important supplies in healing Cholera. Those supplies included drinking water, portable latrines, mosquito supplies, medical supplies, portable latrines, food, and zinc supplement. It took us 39 hours and 52 minutes to deliver our supplies to Tacloban. We traveled from Houston through Canada and back into Alaska. From Alaska we entered Russia, and from Russia we traveled to Japan. From Japan we flew to Taiwan, and from Taiwan we flew into Tacloban. Thanks to the supplies we brought to Tacloban we accomplished our goal in Tacloban.


Our supplies that directly addressed our goal were water, zinc supplement, mosquito supplies, and medical supplies.
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Throughout our humanity project, we have helped and bettered those left less fortunate after Typhoon Yolanda. Chronologically, we have researched their circumstance, such as disease and their idea of living, as well as climate and history. With these facts, we then organized a payload for relief including mosquito supplies and latrines. A misconception that needs to be addressed is that blankets would not help for typhoons since they trap temperature, and do not create heat making them virtually useless. Needing to get our supplies to the Philippines, we then organized a flight route using Google Earth. In hindsight, an idea for easier traveling would be to use a plan that could endurate the flight from San Francisco to Hawaii, drastically reducing flight and maintenance cost. This was one thing that did not work, and let for room for a possible replan of route. Even our current route could have been improved by strategy. That is the story of DOOR, opening the way to a better future.