i love bats


All about little brown bats

they are the cutest bats ever! they have brown fur they look like brownies. they eat flies, moths, beetles, bugs, and other small flying insects. they live in the United States and Canada. they live by day in rock crevices, caves, buildings, and wood piles. they can catch 3,000 mosquitoes a night. this bat comes out at dusk and looks for food near bodies of water. they can live up to 33 years in the wild.

Help Save the bats

They need our help!

bats are important to our environment because they use echolocation to find bugs and then they eat them. when bats eat bugs, they help farmers because the bugs eat the crops. bats also spread seeds for new plants and trees. If bats eat 600 mosquitoes per hour then we won't have lots of mosquitoes biting us at the beach the park or when it is really hot.

here is a video to help you learn more about bats. bats are not scary, they are friendly. they don't want humans touching them because that is not safe.

check out this website if you want to know more!


what can humans do to help bats

we can build a bat house! check out this video to learn how to build a bat house. its really cool!http://www.batconservation.org/bat-houses/build-your-own-bat-house