The Eye Of Minds

"[The] test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter." ~Thomas Helm

With a book like The Eye Of Minds, you will certainly dread reading the last chapter. This is not because it is boring or poorly written, but because you will not want this book to end. I strongly believe that you should add this book to the school library. With a book like this, Kids of all grades will want to check it out. The characters are all realistic and relatable, the content was interesting and easy to connect to, and the plot was full of very interesting twists and turns.

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The characters in this book are easy to relate to and realistic for multiple reasons.

There are characters of multiple personalities, and thusly they make decisions that are easy to relate to. On page 203, instead of being impossibly brave and pursuing a seemingly life threatening task, Bryson, one of the tree main characters makes a run for it. This is realistic because just like most kids, he doesn't want to die. These characters are also realistic in that the choices they make are sane choices and not just some crazy random idea. For Example, on page 252, instead of jumping along volcanic rocks like a crazy person, Micheal reasonably decides to take a much safer passage around the edge. Because all of the the characters are realistic, the story becomes a little more interesting, and because the story is so much more interesting, kids will love to read it and will likely tell their friends all about it.
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The characters in this book are important , but the content is even more important.

This book shows some of the dangers of cyber-terrorism. Though it takes place in the distant future where technology is much more advanced, it gets the point across. On page 8, a girl Micheal meets online kills herself for some reason unknown to Micheal at the time, but later he learns that she was being terrorized. Though this scenario is very drastic, it will show kids kids how serious cyber-terrorism is. The content is strong in other ways as well. Throughout the story, people are described that have become addicted to gaming and spend all of their life online. This will teach students at RCS the danger of becoming to addicted to video games.
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This book has a very strong plot

Arguably more important than content or characters, the plot of this story is what makes people want to read this book.The plot of this story will keep kids on the edge of their seat. It never slows down or fizzles out. Also the plot always contains interesting twists. On page 221 Micheal realizes his hero didn't just disappear, he got stuck trying to follow the same path Micheal is now. On the very same page Micheal realizes one of the people he is looking for isn't a person at all. Instead, in fact they are a computer program. Lastly, the plot of this book ends with a cliffhanger. This means that the kids at RCS will storm the library when the second book comes out as well. Some might say that,"if that many kids like the book, wont it run out of stock?' My answer to that is if that many kids like the book, than it will just ensure that it stays popular longer.
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So you see...

Adding this book to the school library will benefit everyone. The characters are all realistic and relatable, the content was strong, and the plot is interesting. This is a great book and i guarantee that all RCS students will love to read it. Because of this, you need to add this book to the RCS school library.
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