Devon Higgins

Photonic Engineering Student and Coffee Drink Connoisseur

Where am I from?

I am from the lovely city of Orlando, Florida, you may have heard of it. I have lived here all my life, just miles away from our university.

What is my major?

Currently, I am majoring in photonics. However, I am unsure whether or not I will keep this major. If I were to drop it, I would either pick up mechanical or electrical engineering.
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Why did i decide to join COMPASS/EXCEL?

I joined excel because I believe that it is the best path that I should take in my journey to becoming an engineer. My sister had joined the program 3 years ago and I had only heard good things about it from her. Ever since, I knew where I would end up after graduating high school and couldn't wait to start working for my degree in the program.

How do I think EXCEL/COMPASS will help me achieve in my first year of college?

I knew that I struggled with studying and learning in my earlier schooling, so joining this program was the perfect solution. Sadly, I always slacked on the first tests of the semester and in college there are usually only 3 per class, so having the required excel hours will really assist me in passing the first test, and will also teach me how to be better prepared for tests to come.

One unique fact about myself

I can both drum and play the bass guitar (sadly not at the same time).