The Great Wall of China

By: Becca Deatherage


Here is some information on the Great Wall of China. One thing about the Great Wall of China is that the Qin dynasty created it for protection and the Han dynasty finished building it. It is made of stone, brick, and wood. It was built by the Qin dynasty and the Han dynasty finished building it.

Famous Sites to See

One famous site to see is the Mutianyu section because it offers a quieter alternative for other parts of the wall. Another site to see is the Badaling section because it is maintained for visitors.

Amusement Park

Guaranteed Fun

Dining and Acomidations

For your dining you will be having a meal like and other Chinese citizen would have, such as rice and tea. You will be staying in West China in a hotel where you can see a beautiful view of the Great Wall.
This is where you would want to go on any summer vacation because 1 there is wonderful cuisine, 2 because the culture is very interesting and creative, and 3 because there are many different things to do and sites to see on The Great Wall Of China