Clara Barton

By Tannah

Clara Barton had lots of different jobs but mainly her jobs were to help people. Clara was born in massachussets and worked as a young adult then later on in her life she started her own school in New Jersey and taught there for many years. Then she moved to Washington DC for warmer weather. Then she went home to England and she continued to work on the charity works and philanthropy she had started in Washington DC. In 1861 Clara went back to DC and the civil war broke out, she was one of the first ones to volunteer to aid wounded soldiers. From then on she kept helping wounded soldiers in the war, just in different places. Towards the end of Clara’s life she joined the Red Cross and was the first president of it. Clara Barton died 1912 at the age of 91.


1. What made Clara want to be so kind and help people?

2. Did Clara ever witness someone get really injured while working?

3. How did Clara feel always being away form her family?