FES Falcon Parent Update


Federalsburg Elementary School

Principal: Todd Nichols

Assistant Principal: Briana Walker

FES is a Title I School

The FES Family will promote our S.O.A.R. core values by engaging in a supportive and collaborative learning community that nurtures and builds a foundation for lifelong success.

To SOAR means to Stay safe and ready, Own our responsibilities, Achieve our goals, and Respect self and others.

New phone number at FES: 410-479-2761.

Dear FES Families,

Wednesday November 18th is Conference Day. Please email your child's teachers or contact FES to schedule a parent/teacher conference. Teachers will be reaching out to parents to schedule Zoom conferences for conference day. Report cards will be sent home with students that returned to the building on Tuesday Nov. 17th and mailed to any student that is learning virtually.

Believe it or not, it’s the second quarter! On Wednesday, November 18th we will have materials for 2nd quarter learning available for all virtual students Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Materials can be picked up from 12PM to 5PM. This is a drive through event at FES in the front bus loop for students that are learning virtually only. Students that are in the building will receive their materials from their teachers. Please call FES If you have any questions.

Thank you to those of you who are keeping your children home when they do not feel well; it keeps all of us safe. Email doctor and parent notes to phillips.emily@ccpsstaff.org. If your child has missed any time--even one day--please send in a note. All absences are important so if your child has symptoms but is well enough to log in for virtual instruction, please do so.

Inclement Weather:

In the event of an inclement weather delayed opening occurring on a scheduled half day of school, all students will remain at home for an asynchronous learning day. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom by 9:00 am. Students lacking connectivity at home will download assignments prior to leaving school or be provided assignments upon their return to the school building.

CCPS News Post

Upcoming Dates:

-November 16-29: Scholastic Virtual Book Fair: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/federalsburgelemschool1

-November 17: Report cards issued

-November 18: No School / Conference day

-November 19: No PreK; conference day

-November 23: Computer Science is Elementary! program at 7:00 PM (see below) https://bit.ly/nationalfamilycodenight

-November 25-27: Thanksgiving Holiday

-November 30: 4th and 5th A day students return

-December 3: 4th and 5th B day students return

Listed below are some helpful tips for keeping your iPad protected and working properly. Please remember that these are school issued and owned. Treat them with care.

  • Keep your iPad in its school issued protective case at all times. If you need to take it out to take a photograph, please do so carefully. Do not walk around with it and put the case back on as soon as you are finished with it.

  • Carry your iPad with two hands.

  • Keep your iPad away from liquids or foods.

  • Handle your iPad only when your hands are clean.

  • When placing your iPad on a table or desk, make sure that the iPad is positioned so that it is completely on the table.

  • Exercise care when inserting and removing cords and cables from your iPad. DO NOT YANK THE CHARGERS OUT!

  • Place your iPad carefully in your backpack. Make sure there are no liquids or heavy objects in the backpack.

  • Never sit on or throw a backpack that contains an iPad.

  • Avoid putting pressure on the iPad screen.

  • Avoid leaving your iPad in a vehicle.

  • Keep your iPad away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.

  • Shutdown your iPad at least once a week. (Every night would be preferable.)

  • Close out Chrome/Safari tabs after use.

  • Close out apps after use.

Listed below are some helpful tips for keeping your laptop protected and working properly. Please remember that these are school issued and owned. Treat them with care.

  • Put your laptop away, in the school-issued carrying case, when you’re not using it

  • Don’t eat or drink near your laptop

  • Don’t pile things on top of your laptop

  • Don’t carry your laptop by the screen

  • Carry with two hands on the base of your laptop

  • Be gentle with the ports. (DO NOT YANK CORDS OUT OF THE PORTS!)

  • Be aware of overheating (Try not to cover the vents on the bottom)

  • Do not leave your laptop in a car

  • Keep your laptop away from extreme temperatures, moisture, direct sunlight or ultraviolet light, or any moisture for extended periods of time.

Need your Input! Are you staying Virtual or returning to FES? Need 33 more responses

Questionnaire Link

Based on current conditions, Caroline County Public Schools is planning to bring 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th grade students back to school buildings on an AA/BB schedule.

AA Schedule students will begin on Monday, November 30.

BB Schedule students will begin on Thursday, December 3.

Schedule Details:

Students on the AA Schedule (begins November 30):

  • Monday and Tuesday in the building for in-person instruction.

  • Wednesday at home for an asynchronous day (same as current schedule).

  • Thursday and Friday at home for synchronous virtual learning (same as current schedule).

Students on the BB Schedule (begins December 3):

  • Monday and Tuesday at home for synchronous virtual learning (same as current schedule).

  • Wednesday at home for an asynchronous day (same as current schedule).

  • Thursday and Friday in the building for in-person instruction.

Students in these grades who have already been attending four days a week will continue to come on those days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Students who remain at home for virtual learning will not experience any change to their schedule.

Please note:

  • Families will not be able to choose an AA or BB schedule. Students will be assigned to a schedule based on bus routes.

  • Families will be advised by the school of their student's schedule (AA Nov. 30, or BB Dec. 3) no later than November 23.

  • Transportation will be provided. However, because of social distancing, transportation is a challenge. Please consider if you have an option other than using CCPS transportation.

  • Face coverings are required for all students ages 5 and over.

  • Protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19 through cleaning, self-assessment, and social distancing are detailed in the CCPS Recovery Plan.

CCPS needs to know how many students will be returning to the building and how many will require transportation.

Please complete a questionnaire for each student in 4th, 5th, 6th, and/or 9th grades. Please complete the questionnaire by November 18th.

Meet Amie Palenchar: FES School Counselor

Fine Arts and Physical Education Update

For Families of Fine Arts and Performing Arts Students:

Please see the guidelines developed for Fine/Performing Arts teachers of in-person

students, and a summary of the guidelines developed for Physical Education teachers

of in-person students.

Is your child in need of a new book to read? Contact Mrs. Simmons about book check-out and drop-off that is contactless. Books are sanitized before being recirculated.

If you have questions, please contact the specific teacher or Mr. Nichols.

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Virtual Scholastic Book Fair: November 16-29!

Dear Families,

Our school is hosting a Virtual Scholastic Book Fair from November 16-29!
The Virtual Fair is a fantastic way to get books in the hands of your students now to keep them reading at home.

· All purchases benefit our school and earn rewards

· Shop Book Fair exclusives, best-sellers, skill-builders and more

· Orders ship direct to home

· Book-only orders over $25* receive FREE shipping

· Over 6,000 items to choose from through the Scholastic Store Online

Visit our Book Fair Homepage and click “Shop Now” to get started:


Happy reading!
Brittainy Simmons

FES Media Specialist

*Free Standard Shipping is available on book-only orders of $25 or more, after all discounts are applied. Free Standard Shipping (books) must be selected during Checkout. Orders containing products other than books are not eligible for this shipping promotion.

National Family Code Night

Our Livestream Family Code Night will be November 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Pacific. You will join the Livestream at that time at this link: https://bit.ly/nationalfamilycodenight

Federalsburg Elementary is pleased to invite every one of our families to participate in National Family Code Nights, a free live-stream family learning event for any K-5 school. Regardless of physical location, our school’s community can share this wonderful learning experience in which each child pairs up with a parent or other older partner to do their very first hour of coding together! No experience needed! It’s great fun, proven in thousands of schools nationwide, and now provided via a live-stream.

Family members, teachers and educators can join the live-stream from home or school to enjoy an important, delightful experience. A live prize drawing for a Home Robotics Bundle from Wonder Workshop will be featured at each National Family Code Night. So save the date and get ready for a community learning experience the whole family will love and value.

I hope you and your family will join us! For more information, go to CSisElementary.

Covid-19 Information

In these difficult times, it’s easy for misinformation to spread. The goal of CCPS is to ensure communication protocols are thorough and transparent, while protecting employee and student privacy. Please remember that we do have a process for advising those identified as close contacts of a person testing positive. These notifications are followed by an email that tells staff and families of a positive COVID-19 case in our building.

This communication process can be found on the CCPS website page Positive Case Reports. This page also includes a weekly report, by building, of any positive cases reported among staff or students. Feel free to share this page with anyone needing accurate, verified information.