Archive Training Follow Up

Questions and Extras for You

Thank you again for coming out to the Archive Training session.

We hope that you walked away excited about the opportunity to archive as well as having learned one or two new things about the archiving process.

As promised, here are a few items we promised to follow up on with you via email: Compacting your email, Saving Attachments and Emails as one file & SmarterMail.

It is mandated that all staff must watch the archiving Webinar before archiving.

Here is the path to the Archiving Webinar. Enjoy!

O:\OPERATIONS\General - Operations\Training\OMGA_ArchivingWebinar_15AP14

How to Compact Your Email

In your Outlook application:

Go to the menu bar and select Tools

Scroll down to Account settings...

The Account Settings window will pop up

Select the Data Files tab

Select your Personal Folder (email account) H:\System...

Click Settings just above it

Select the Compact button

Give it 20 mins (depending on how much you deleted) to process.

During this time you will not be able to access your email as it is processing your data file.

Saving Attachments within the Saved Email as a File

Open the email

Go to the Office button in top left hand corner

Scroll down to Save As...

Scroll to across and down to Convert to Adobe PDF

Select where you would like the PDF saved to

Give the file an appropriate name

Click Save

An Adobe Acrobat window will open with your email saved as a page. To view the attachments, click the paperclip icon on the left hand side of the email displayed. Your file or files will be listed in the sidebar.


Don't forget...if you use SMARTERMAIL, you will need to clean out your Inbox, Sent Items, Junk E-mail and finally, your Deleted Items.

BONUS: If you need to send a file or store a file for use off site, you can upload it to your File Storage in SMARTERMAIL.

Simply click on the folder icon on the left hand side of the web page

Click on Root Folder

Select Action above it and scroll down to New Folder

Give it a name and click Save

Your folder will appear. Select your folder

Click Upload from the right hand pane of the web page

Click Open


...and don't forget

With every professional training opportunity, each employee must fill out the Appendix D Professional Development form. The link is embedded below for your convenience.

Further questions can be directed to either Natalie, Leigh or Remmy

In January, there will be some Technology training sessions for things like new equipment, SMARTERMAIL - other options, SMARTBoard and more! Stay Tuned in the NEW YEAR!