The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.


Educated people can see and experience many more events and objects than the uneducated, who see everything as being the same and having no purpose.


Aristotle was a very well educated philosopher, who taught many young people. For example, Aristotle tutored a young man named Alexander, who moved on to accomplish many great things. Aristotle later established a school for philosophers, and shaped the intellectual history of the west.

Greek Society

If a person was not educated, it would have been very hard to be alive in Greece. A person has to be educated on the rules of the government they are living under, and know how to respectfully follow rules and laws. If a person were to disobey a rule, punishments were accepted, and death could occur. A person could not thrive in Greek society without being educated. The only respectable job would be farming, which was not an easy task in result of the geography of Greece.

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