Whole Brain Teaching

For Challenging Kids: (And The Rest of Your Class too!)

Whole Brain Teaching is a book by Chris Biffle that contains methods that are amazingly effective in classroom management!

I know like me...most of you try over and over EVERYDAY to get your class to stop talking and listen. Listen to you talk, read a story, give instructions...whatever it may be. If this sounds familiar to you and you WANT IT TO CHANGE, keep reading!!!

Whole Brain Teaching (aka: WBT) is based on brain based learning. Research shows that chldren retain more information when they have an opportunity to put it into their own words and use gestures to emphasize key instructional units...plus, it's SUPER FUN!

**WBT's method to get your classes attention**

To get my classes attention, I simply say..."Class!" and they respond "Yes!"

Next is the catch, the hook that makes this fun, and gets them invested in what I am going to do and say next. When I say "Class!" and they say "Yes!" they have to say it the same way that I have said it. For example, if I say "Classity, class, class!" they must respond with "Yessity, yes, yes!" If I say it softly then they have to respond softly. It's amazing how effective this simple approach is and it is just the beginning of the methods Whole Brain Teaching has to offer.

The "BIG SEVEN" Steps to Implementing Whole Brain Teaching

  1. Class-Yes
  2. 5 Classroom Rules
  3. Teach-Okay
  4. The Scoreboard
  5. Hands & Eyes
  6. Mirror
  7. Switch!

Below I have embedded some WBT video's if you are interested in learning more!

How To Begin Whole Brain Teaching: 1
Whole Brain Teaching: Kindergarten, "Class Rules"
Whole Brain Teaching: Grade 1 Classroom