All About Me

By: Safwan Al-Hadad


  • Mother
  • Step Father
  • 4 Sisters
  • And Me
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My Hobbies

  • I am a video game player.
  • I do go outside with my friends.
  • Barely every I go and play soccer or gulf with my step dad.
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My Favorite Movies

  • The Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Lord of the rings and the Hobbit
  • The Star Wars series.
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Vacation Spot

  • In the summer I go down to Florida
  • Sometimes we go to California
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Dream home

  • My dream home would be A mansion on a side of a mountain.
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Dream job

  • My dream job would be a Robotic Engineer
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Favorite college Sports team

The Hawks
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Favorite Resturant

  • My Resturant would be Sweet tomatoes or Red lobster.
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  • Monday- go to school
  • Tuesday- Go to school
  • Wednesday- Go to school
  • Thursday- go to school
  • Friday- go to school then come home and play games
  • Saturday- Play Wizard101
  • Sunday- Finish weekend homework and then play games
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Super Powers

  • To have super speed.
  • To have a lot more patience.
  • Be able to fly