April is Here!

Let's make it legendary!

Can we top our Amazing March!? Yep we can!

Hi lovelies! So April is here and I am so so so excited....with Autism Boutique, the new Summer Line debuting, the weather finally getting warm and staying that way. Mothers Day in May, and so many other fun events coming up this month can be even better than last! You all made me so so so proud for March and I have no doubt you are going to do the same in April! I know we already have close to 30 trunk shows for April and I think we can make it to 40---well I know we can! So use the tools they have given us...Autism boutique, Summer Line, fun new tools AND the extra $100 for net stylists to BOOK, SELL and SPONSOR! Let's add 4 or 5 or more girls to our amazing and fun team this coming month...I already know some of you have someone lined up getting ready to start and that makes me more excited than anything! I love building this team and sharing our love for Stella and Dot and getting others on the path to their dream job! I still pinch myself that I do this and make this kind of money...its kind of hard to believe!

Kudos to You!

Shout Outs....

I have to give Shout Outs for a Stellar and Amazing March! Here are the Top 10 in Sales1

1.Emily Uhland-$3358.30--(simply amazing!! I don't know what else to say!)

2.Shelly Aslin-$2690--(second month and rocking it...oh what the future will bring for you!)

3.Morgan Price-$1659.84--(yep still not a month goes by where she hasn't sold AT LEAST $1000!)

4.Georgia Livolsi-$1608--(yep....so proud of you G!)

5.Cecille Skeens-$1596-(stellar seller and amazing leader for her amazing team!! Sr again this month!)

6.Ashlee Williams--$1341--(so proud of your amazing month..so much more to come!)

7.Sabrina Deel--$1297--(this one hasn't gone a month without selling over $1000 too!!)

8. Lilianna Hunniecutt-$1263--(what an amazing month...keep it rolling girl!!)

9. Katie Timp--$1259--(has she ever had an off month?? NOPE!)

10.Bailey Fern--$1237--(full time student and Stella and Dot Rockstar!)

Sooooo...if you sold over $1500 you get the Janice (or another pair) of Studs from me!

if you sold over $2200 you get a new piece from the Summer Line from me!

if you sold over $3000 you get $100 in PC to shop with!!

We didn't add anyone new to our team in March (i didn't either!!) but that will change in April! I have some new stylists coming aboard and I know you do too!! You will be rewarded for it if you do!! Believe me!

2 Call a Day Challenge!

So here is a new thing I am going to try and think you should do! Danielle Redner (we all know she knows what she is taking about! She has been doing business like this for many many years and she knows what works!!) so she said that every day or every other day, call 2 people!!! Just get over the fear and do it...don't even think about it too much! Once you do it once, it becomes so much easier! The only reason it seems scary is because you haven't done it before, and I am guilty of that too!! So I am going to start calling 2 people a day..PLUS there is a magic time to call apparently!! It's not in the morning or during the day it's around 8 pm at night....ladies are relaxed, don't with the crazy day and can actually talk to an adult by then!!! It's apparently the perfect time to call and I am going to start in April!! Who is with me?? I will post a little contest on FB to make it more fun but let's do it as a TEAM and share our results and OUR AMAZING BOOKING AND SPONSORING STORIES with the company when we are done!!!!! Who's with me??????

Here are the April words to say to help you!!!!!


Here is the best Part.....what will you get for doing your "job"!!!

Sell $1500 or more and get the new Kimberly earrings in Silver from the Summer Collection

Sell $2500 or over and get one of the City Slim Clutches from the Summer Collection

Sell $3200 or over and get all the above PLUS one of the Switch Bags!

Now let's SPONSOR!!

Sponsor 1 new stylist who qualifies ($500 or more in sales!) and get the Coral Cay Earrings

Sponsor 2 new stylist who both qualify and get $100 in PC to pick out whatever you want!!