Marillac's Social Service Center

Providing support and Preventing hunger since 1914

The contribution and the Institution

In the 10 hours and 15 minutes that I spent volunteering for the food pantry, I was given many tasks such as handing out produce and canned foods to the customers. I also helped families bring the products that I distributed to their house or car! By helping these struggling families first hand, I was able to understand how they lived and the hardships in their lives.

Past goals and Present accomplishments

Before I volunteered, my goal in this service was to try and provide food to as many families as possible and to quicken the pace so that more people could benefit from this. However, in the 10 hours and 15 minutes I spent, I was able to help more than 76 additional people, about 30% of the people the organization served during that time. The result reached beyond my expectations! During this process, I was able to help the people who I served by preventing them from going hungry for a week and giving them a strong opportunity to be able to accomplish the most with their lives by making starvation no longer a part of their life.

The Aftermath and the Legacy

By volunteering in Marillac's Food Pantry, I was able to fulfill the local communities' need for physical nourishment with my distribution of products to the people, and the need for mental comfort with the social interaction between me and the person or families I served or provided assistance to. The community, "a food desert", is able to now strive and is given a stronger chance in the coping of the ever developing and demanding world with my help in the prevention of hunger and my support in their lives!


I believe that volunteer services such as these are a much more profound and intriguing way of studying and understand the lives of people in struggling places. Instead of getting information of what it is like to live in harsh living conditions through a textbook, a first-hand experience like these volunteer programs eliminates bias and allows the student to make their own opinions! Thus, I recommend it to all that is interested.