GOAL Newsletter


Hello, GOAL Families!

GOAL had a fabulous week! In Bible Class we studied Genesis 3 when people first disobeyed God. We learned that God is sad when we disobey, but he still loves us and forgives us. There is usually a consequence when we disobey, too.

In Social Skills Class, we focused on things we say that hurt other people's feelings. We want to say things that make other people feel happy, not sad. Two cooking classes prepared Instant Potatoes from the directions on the box. We learned about teaspoons, tablespoons, and other measurements while we cooked.

In Essentials of Good Communication, Mrs. Rebecca taught more about nonverbal communication, and we practiced our mouth exercises—which we should do daily.

In Social Studies we studied the next seven states that are closest to Texas. So far we have learned 11 states. In Mrs. E’s Production Room, we made pillow cases, and we have done a lot of painting. In her Green Team we planted seeds for cucumbers, cantaloupes and tomatoes. In FACT Class we are working on learning numbers by playing Bingo and doing number searches. We are also learning about how to read store signs to see when they are open or closed.

In Mrs. Hanson’s Production Room we worked on gift tags for the craft fair. In Literacy, we worked on story comprehension and learned about who Walt Disney was. In Science, we have been working on measurements. We played a game about time measurements like days in a week and years in a decade. In Mrs. Hanson’s Green Team, we have been taking care of the plants and seedlings. We also crushed cans and gather the school’s recycling together.

In Communication Skills we worked on identifying different fruits and vegetables for our trip to Kroger on October 19, 2015. For Fitness and Wellness on Monday, participants walked on the track and tried to get 10 laps in. On Wednesday participants were able to choose what fitness activity they wanted to participate in. In Expressive Writing we practiced various forms of writing. We used stamps, traced words, wrote words with a pencil, and used different colors to write our words. In our Skills for Independence class, we discussed sorting laundry by color and the temperature for washing different kinds of clothes. In Zoology, participants talked more about spiders and finished the class by completing a book about spiders. We picked the Wolf Spider to do our research on. We will be continuing our unit on nocturnal animals next week.

In Current Events we read about the World Series. We watched videos and looked up different players from the Rangers and answered questions. In Technology we learned parts of the computer and played a game that had to do with taking pictures on the iPad.

In Self Improvement we learned about different emotions such as scared, sad, and happy.

We had a great time at Putt-Putt Golf today, and it was extra special because we were celebrating two birthdays! Both Haley Elliot and Rachael Philips have a birthday this weekend! We enjoyed the donuts from Haley’s family and the cookies from Rachael’s family!

Just as a reminder, on Mondays all participants have fitness. Please have them wear or bring socks and tennis shoes to change into. Also remember that they need to wear work-appropriate clothes Tuesday through Thursday. They need nice pants and collared shirts. (There may be exceptions for the Green Team in warm weather.)

Dan Ritcher would like to share his favorite informational quote:

"God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles and a reward for your faithfulness. Don't give up!"

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Columbus Day holiday,

GOAL Staff