Big News from St. Louis

We don't want you to be the last to know!

YOU inspire me!

Thank you for giving it your all the past few days in St. Louis! What an incredible experience together!

As I think about each one of you, I am deeply grateful for the sacrifices you made to get to St. Louis and the commitments you've made to build your Nerium Legacy.

I encourage you to post this affirmation shared by Rita Davenport in places you frequent throughout your day -

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better. I am the greatest!"

The past 3 days were fun, inspiring, exciting, hilarious, full of impact, and at times overwhelming. Check out the recorded sessions by visiting the LiveStream link below.

I typed up a few short notes from each day below! I hope they bring back a few memories!

From the bottom of my heart, YOU matter and YOU are changing the world! I am honored to know you, to be your friend, and to be your partner in showing up, growing up and going up... together!

Best always,


"We will BELIEVE in you until you believe in yourself. We will LOVE you until you love yourself."


* "Let's build the best company ever and travel the world together." Co-founder Dennis Windsor

* "There are no lids unless you put one on yourself." Co-founder Jeff Olson

* "Acheivement is a process of doing the RIGHT things CONSISTENTLY over a sustained period of time." Elite Leadership Coach David Byrd

* "Be about solutions, not band-aids." ~ Jerry from Big Brothers, Big Sisters

* "No one is coming to your rescue. This is your lifeboat if you choose it." ~Anna Woodward, 5*NMD

* "All you need is 20-seconds of insane courage." ~ Line from the movie We Bought a Zoo

* "8-points a day sure beats 8-hours a day." ~ Tammy Smith, Int'l Gold Marketing Director

* "I am powerful. I am fun. And TODAY I am going to change someone's life." ~Dale Mungar, 4*NMD

* "Without vision, people perish. Without vision, people watch television." ~Dale Mungar, 4*NMD

* "You SHOW UP, to GROW UP, to GO UP!"

10 Marketing Announcements

~ New Apparel

~ Mother's Day Gift Set available 4/11/2014

~ Real Campaign with stories of REAL people.

~ The Nerium Story updated for events.

~ New Brand Partner Kit

~ YEP Program - special YEP Magazine

~ Featured for the THIRD time in Success From Home Magazine

~ LayAR app that interacts with the magazine - SUPER COOL!

~ New pricing options on magazines

~ LONG BEACH CONVENTION - October 23-25, 2014

Nerium CRUISE 2015!!

The day ended with an incredible team party!

Thank you to the most generous leadership!

Darin Kidd

Bill & Linda Carter

Jim & Jeanie Patterson

Jeff & Zoe Morris

Rich & Marilyn Cordle

Celina Noonkester

Laura & Jasen Host

We had so much fun, so don't miss the next one in St. Louis!

If someone shared this update with you, YOU are important to him/her. Ask why! :)


* Recognition of Real Achievers Club

  • Top 10 Sponsorship
  • Top 10 Preferred Customer Sponsorship = the heartbeat of our business!
  • Top 10 Nerium Gives Back = proven retention!
  • Top 10 Weekly Check Earners

* Be the Messenger! Read the new magazines and share the stories with your friends & family! Remember - facts tell, stories sell.

* Duplication is key! Trust & follow the proven system. Don't complicate or reinvent the wheel.

* Find out how a prospect would like the information delivered. Does he or she want to have coffee, or simply get the details in a quick & precise manner?

* The magic isn't on the stage, but rather, the journey on the way to the stage.

* Nerium is built to be a LEGACY company.

* NMDs thanked Jeff Olson for giving them a place they "felt safe" and "felt at home" in regards to their future. It is not so much about the money as it is about security.

* Nerium Products always follow these 5 guidelines

1) Based on science

2) Proven Clinical Testing

3) Using the best of nature

4) Multiple uses

5) Simple and easy to use.

* Marie Bertrand - excellent presentation and can be found through Live Stream recording.

* Show up in your life! Never settle for less than excellence. Go the extra mile! (Or the extra degree! Check out the video below!)

* International Expansion - 6 countries by the end of 2014.

* Canadian BP kits available April 21st.

* First Vancouver Regional - June 6 & 7

* First Toronto Regional - June 20 & 21

* Kym Yancey announced as Co-founder & CEO of LiveHappy


  • Thighs, waist, stomach, upper arms, love handles
  • 2 times per day - after shower & before bed
  • Most consumer-friendly application. Massage in for 30 seconds.

* Advice from Rita Davenport

  • Prepare for Impact (get ready to expand)
  • Must talk to 10 people per day or you don't believe in your business.
  • God is watching. Give Him a show!


*Marketing Updates



Monday, April 14th, 6pm


Nerium U is available in ENGLISH AND SPANISH!

Go to your Nerium Website

* Click on the orange "Sign In" in the upper right

* Enter username & password

* Go to "Training"

* click on "Training Center"

* Nerium U is the first option.