This is the Rope (40 book)

By Tiernan Eccles


At the beginning of the book, it talked about the narrators grandma. The book said that her grandma used "the rope" to jump while under a pine tree. One day, the narrators grandma had to move, and they used the rope to hold the suitcases down.


Then the grandma gave birth to the narrators mom. Her mom used the rope just as her grandma used it. She jumped and played with it. Then the mom grew up and gave birth to the narrator. The mom moved away and used the rope to hold the suitcases down just like the grandma.


Finally, the narrator grew up and used the rope just like the others did. But then her brothers stole the rope and she didn't find it again for 10 years. The narrator traded the rope for a new one and lived happily ever after.