Clockwork Princess

By Cassandra Clare

Welcome to 1873 in London, England!

The setting affected clothing

In my book Tessa, the protagonist, wore long dresses. It was improper for her to be seen in anything else by anyone other than her family. Also, men wore slacks and nice shirts. This is what was socially acceptable during this time period. The characters in my book are Shadowhunters, humans with angel blood who fight to eradicate the demons on the human earth. This set a perilous tone. Since the setting requires girls to wear dresses, the setting affected the women's characters ability to fight at instant. This affected the plot because it caused Tessa to be unable to fight in certain situations, where the outcome would've been better it she could've fought.

The Setting Affected Transportation

In my book they traveled in horse drawn carriages. Also, people rode horses. In my book one of the characters, Will, rode a horse from London to a town in Wales. Along with London, part of my book took place in Wales. This affected the characters because along the way to Whales the character's horse dies so he is unable to get to London in the amount of time he wanted to. This affected the plot because if he had gotten there sooner there probably would've been a different outcome of the story.