Clothing for Toddlers

Important Features in the Selection of Toddler Clothing

"Choosing the right clothes and shoes for toddlers is important. Proper clothing helps toddlers stay active, comfortable, and safe. It also stands up under the strain of constant movement and messy play."

Children - The Early Years

by Celia Anita Decker

Guidelines to Selecting Toddler Clothing - Brochure Assignment

  2. Using the Internet, catalogs, and other resources develop a computer generated color brochure to provide parents or caregivers with guidelines when purchasing clothing for toddlers.
  3. The brochure should include information, along with pictures, on the following topics:
- Safety

- Comfort

- Growth features

- Quality construction

- Care

- Self dressing

4. Due Thursday, December 17th.

5. 30% Content grade and 40% Creativity grade