Room 113 News December 11th

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Class Closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

You should have received or will receive this communication via email:

December 11, 2015

Dear Parents of Students in Gr. 2/Hagen,

As you know, we have been closely monitoring the outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HMFD) at ISB in recent weeks. Unfortunately, we have now have two case confirmed cases of HFMD in 2/Hagen, neither of whom were at school today. In accordance with the Thai Ministry of Public Health’s regulations, we are required to close this class from today. Mr. Hagen’s class will re-open for students on Thursday December 17.

This means that all ISB Gr 2/Hagen students must stay home and not come on ISB campus until December 17, including over the weekend period (this includes after school activities, gymnastics, soccer, softball, Musical, Choir etc). As we attempt to limit the spread of infection, it is vital to minimise the exposure of this group to other children in our community, even if they have been well.

Mr. Hagen will be in touch over the weekend about the continuation of learning experiences through virtual school, via the class blog. He will be onsite at ISB during this period, communicating with students and with the rest of the Grade 2 team.

If your child does show symptoms and is diagnosed with Hand, foot and Mouth Disease, please notify our clinic at as soon as possible. All students diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease must present a medical certificate to ISB’s Health Clinic stating they are no longer contagious PRIOR to returning to class. The incubation period for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is 3-5 days so your child should be observed over the next few days to ensure they do not become unwell. Should you have any health related questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Sally Plomley

Please see attached letter for information regarding Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

We know this will be challenging for families, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

-Kelly Armitage (ES Principal)

-Diana Drummond (ES Vice Principal)

-Sarah Fleming (ES Vice Principal)

- Ed Hagen (Gr. 2/Hagen homeroom teacher)

-Dr. Sally Plomley (ISB’s Nurse/Medical consultant)

Early Dismissal on Friday December 18th. 11:30am

Field Trip Date Changed to Thursday December 17th

Our class will go on our field trip on the day we return to school.

We will leave school at 7:45am and return around 9:00am. If your child has not returned their permission slip, it's imperative that he/she brings it on Thursday morning. We cannot take students who not have parental permission.

Class Celebration Friday 10:45am to 11:30am

Despite being closed for a few days, our class will have our semester Winter Celebration on Friday Morning. Our room moms are organizing a small craft and snacks. Please contact them if you are interested in helping. Please join us if you can.

Room Moms:

Khun Apple:

Khan Mai:

This is the craft we will make:

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From Ms. Kate Kersey

Dear parents,

Kate Kersey, our school counselor, has been working on calming down strong feelings , specifically anger, with our Second Graders during this week’s guidance lesson.

This week, the children learned that identifying anger in others is often easier than identifying anger in ourselves. The first step of identifying our feelings is to understand the physical clues in your body. All our feelings are natural, and feelings vary in strength.

Feelings that are strong need to be managed. When we feel angry, our bodies change and our brains “turn off.” It’s hard to think and make good decisions when we are angry because our body is reacting. We breathe faster, our hard beats quicker, our muscles tense up, etc.

Feeling angry is natural. Being mean, or hurting others when you are angry is not okay. The children learned “The Anger Rule” which is: It is okay to be angry, but it’s not okay to hurt others, destroy things, or hurt yourself when you are angry.

Each child got the chance to share what their “anger buttons” are with the class. Anger buttons are those things that make us mad, such as a brother teasing, or someone pulling their hair, etc. Then we drew pictures of an angry body to help the students learn to identify their own physical cues.

After discussing anger and how it is an important, normal feeling, the children discussed how to calm down. We practiced strategies such as counting, thinking calm /happy thoughts, belly breathing and “soup” or “hot chocolate” breathing (have your child teach you this fun breathing technique!) and other ideas.

The children connected that they can use these calming down strategies when they “WAIT AND COOL OFF” in Kelso’s Choices!

The children’s work from their lesson with Ms. Kate will be coming home—please discuss what they learned with them!

Kind regards,


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