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We have launched into our new unit, Science at Play! We will be focusing on the role science plays in sports, how science creates new ways to have fun, how science helps us understand the natural world, and how we can explore science behind fun activities. We will read the realistic fiction story, Owl Moon, a wonderful picture book showing the bond of a father and daughter going owling for the first time on a cold winter's night. We will be focusing on text organization and summarizing passages with weekly lessons by our reading specialist, Mrs. Butler. We are also in the midst of our second read aloud, A Dog’s Life, which is an autobiography from the viewpoint of a brave stray dog named Squirrel.

Please remember to check and sign your child reading records each Thursday night and have meaningful discussions with them about their book!


We are starting our first narratives of the year, gathering descriptive details to explode our seed moments. We read many mentor texts, including Up North at the the Cabin, Homerun, Fireflies, and Rollercoaster, which demonstrate the power of a strong narrative. The children have come up with great sensory details and are using literary devices to enhance their writing. I can’t wait to see their published pieces!


We are concluding Unit 3, which provided us with an understanding of how to accurately measure a line segment to the nearest ½ and ¼ inch and nearest ½ of a centimeter. We also explored the concepts of perimeter and area. Up next…Multiplication! The children will be bringing home Fast Fact triangles to practice at home in the next few weeks. Please make an effort to practice with your child each night, it really helps them learn their multiplication facts!

Science/Social Studies:

We are concluding our social studies unit, geography. The children learned the 7 continents and 4 oceans and now know how to identify them on a map. They also did a great job memorizing their addresses! Up next….Motion!

We received our pen pal letters back from Fijithe children were so excited. Check out the pictures below!


ð Mighty Night At The Movies- Friday, 11/8

ð Please make sure to sign children reading thoughts each week

ð Return KidStuff Coupon Books or orders -due 11/25

ð Family Fun Night Bingo: Friday 11/15

Thank you!

Thank you so very much for the book donation of The Recess Queen in memory of my father. It was such a wonderful gesture and touched my heart! Thank you!

Fiji Pen Pals!

Our wonderful letters to our Fiji pen pals arrived and the childeren were so excited!

Halloween FUN!