What I learned in class this year.

Media mania student

Power point

The class, called media mania, taught us to re-learn how to use the microsoft office power point again as I couldn't recall as well as many others even knew how to make a short slide as I was taught back in fourth and fifth grade, maybe in third grade too. So the class helped to teach me and the students in the class how to properly make slides, animations, title cards, sound effects and more stylish ways to change from one slide to another to make an effective compelling story or something that the students are currently working with.

Story boards.

In media mania, the class taught us how to create storyboards for future references and ambitious projects for short movies, comics, anything in general that appeals to the students in the basic comic style format at the website, storyboard that. Although we were limited for only 6 slides in total we worked around the issue for a project at school particularly a movie.

Some of the offices we were retaught.

Enough to understand how computer editing and information works