Is Your Yard Ready for Winter?

How for Prepare for the Cold

Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Find out how to winterize your perennials, bulbs, trees, and even roses.

Raking Today Keeps The Yard Doctor Away

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -Benjamin Franklin

We can certainly all appreciate the beauty of fall. Crisp air and colorful fallen leaves. Scenes of fall offer a perfect background for making memories and reminiscing. However, as beautiful as the leaves are, it is best not to leave them on the ground too long. Here we share with you real reasons why it's best to keep fallen leaves off the ground. It's all about keeping your lawn healthy!

  • Fallen leaves block sunlight and prevent air circulation causing disease and possible death of turf.
  • Reduce the build up of thatch, which can cause pest problems from fungus growth.
  • Fungus found under fallen leaves not only attracts pests, but can damage soil. Unhealthy soil means unhealthy plants.
  • Drainage issues may arise or become worse with the buildup of fallen leaves and debris.

By regularly removing fallen leaves you will find that your job in the yard takes much less time and effort. Leaf removal can become a tedious chore when you have clumps of wet leaves matted together or frozen to the ground along with acorns, gumballs, and branches. The best advice is to not let your leaves pile up. Save yourself the extra time and effort by removing them from your lawn regularly.

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Winterization Checklist:

  • Winterize your irrigation system.
  • Cover outdoor spigots.
  • Remove fallen leaves from turf, gutters, downspouts, and roof.
  • Trim tree branches close to home and electrical wires.
  • Move cold sensitive potted plants indoors.
  • Follow the "Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Winter" (provided above).
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