Famous Art Movement Week

Mrs. Gilpin

Dress to Impress

For an entire week students will have the opportunity to dress as a famous artist or a famous piece of artwork. Each day of the week will be dedicated to a major art movement in history that we will discuss in class on that particular day!

Monday-Friday Historical Art Themes

Below are video tutorials that you may or may not use for the week. Please keep costumes school appropriate. :)
Toga! Toga! Toga! (How to Make a Toga From a Bed Sheet)
Mona Lisa Make-up Transformation
Make Yourself Into Vincent Van Gogh: A Makeup Tutorial
Picasso & Cubism Inspired Face Paint | MollieAmber ♡
POP ART Tutorial | Roy Lichtenstein

Bonus Points

Students are not required to dress up during this week but will be given bonus points if they do! Also, there will be a costume contest at the end of class! Students will vote on the best costume along with runner ups. There will be a grand prize as well as runner up prizes that include awesome art supplies!

Need additional help?

Please remember that not every theme has to be as dramatic as the videos I have shared. Get CREATIVE! Also, if you have an idea but do not have the means I will help you in anyway that I can!

*Please discuss your costume idea with me first.*