Software Engineer


Software engineers develop computing software after deciding upon what the client needs.

They also solve problems using mathematical equations when creating these programs.

It takes quite a bit of work to become a software engineer with a lot of highschool courses and attending 4 years of college. And make around $50,000 anually.

Reccomended courses

Recommended courses include advanced placement calculus, college math, algebra 2, advanced placement computer science, and business communications.

Example college and tuition

If you were to get a job as a software engineer you would want a masters degree in computer engineering one school for this is UW Platteville.

Total costs for tuition

  • 4 years (bachelors degree) - $58,272
  • Tuition - $29,252
  • Room and board - $28,320

Is this right for me?

I would most likely like having this job


High pay

Be my own boss

Meet new people


No outside work

Pressuring work environment