Figurative Launguage


Definition: Comparing two things using like or as.

Ex: I am quiet as a mouse when I am doing homework.


Definition: Comparing two things not using like or as

Ex: My dads battery was dead when we got home from a long day of work.


Definition: A phrase that has sound affects in it.

Ex: A car crashed and made a loud pow!


Definition: An extreme exaggeration

Ex: I'm so hungry I could eat a whole horse

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Definition: A word or phrase taken literal

Ex: Its raining cats and dogs

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Definition: A sentence that is referring to something or some one

Ex: His nose gets longer every time he talks

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Definition: Non living things having human traits

Ex: The leaves were dancing in the wind

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Definition: Two antonyms to reinforce the second words meaning

Ex: My sister is pretty ugly

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Definition: The same letter or sound that are closely connected words

Ex: Sally sold sea shells at the sea shore

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Definition: A joke exploiting the different meanings of the word

Ex: I'm so board I wish something wood come along

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Definition:The expression of ones meaning by using language that normally signify the opposite

Ex: A crocodile is eating crocs

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Bella's birth day!

It was April 16, 2013, I woke up very tired and do to the little of sleep I got I was slow as a sloth. When I started to move like a normal human being it was 7:24 p.m and the only thing I got done was getting dressed. So the I started moving fast as if my pants were on fire. Some how I was able to get to school on just on time. I always liked to be the first one to arrive at my class. So I started running down the hall and then I slipped on the floor and made a loud boom! The good thing was that I didn't get hurt or in trouble.

Half of my classes were over and we had lunch time. Since I din't have breakfast because I was so busy getting ready, I was so hungry that I could eat a whole horse! After that we had recess and that was when I let all of my energy out. We had the other half of my classes to go to. When I was reading my group book in Language Arts class I started to think. Oh, my gosh, today is the day of the birth of my little niece or nephew!!! But you never know, It could be tomorrow or the next day, or the day after that, because babies aren't always born on the actual due date. It was time to leave and I was getting on the bus. When I sat in a seat I looked out the window and saw a bunch of leaves dancing in the wind, the next thing you know it was raining cars and dogs.

It was know 4:00 p.m and I was on the couch watching t.v until my pretty ugly sister came in the room screaming," It's a girl, it's a girl'!!! The babies name is Bella, Rose, Slonkosky. I saw a video of baby Bella balling by the ball basket. The ball basket was a basket of balls to entertain the kids and not being board. Later that day we went to go see Bella at the hospital. When we were waiting to see Bella, I was so board I wish something wood come up. My brother didn't know yet if the baby was a boy or girl and I tricked him in saying it was a girl. My nose felt like it just reached 6 feet long because I know that I lie to my siblings a lot. Isaiah shortly found out that it was a girl. When I finally saw her she seemed like the cutest baby I have ever seen. Since Bella was born I became a great uncle!!!