The Little Mermaid

Denmark's Most Popular Mermaid

Say Hi To The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid has been through lots of ups and downs over the year, but she still survives after all these years. Between being mutilated seven times, being captured in millions of photos, and being left in the weather for years. This copper mermaid has been through lots.

How Was This Danish Mermaid Created

The Little Mermaid is made out of bronze. The way Edvard Eriksen (sculptor) and his wife (poser) did it was by pouring the bronze into molds that were formed by creating cast. The Little Mermaid is now perched on a rock in Copenhagen, Denmark. Carl Jacobsen commissioned The Little Mermaid project to Edvard Erinksen.



The Life Of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was mutilated seven times, losing her arm once, being boomed off her pedestal, being spray painted five times, and losing her head three times. Later on in 2013 The Little Mermaid turned 100 years old!! She also was the FIRST amphibian the travel to China for the Expo 2010 in Shanghal. She has become so famous over the years more than 1 million visitors come each year.

This Mermaids Importance

The Little Mermaid is visited by more than one million tourist and more than five million pictures are taken each year! The Little Mermaid raises a lot of money for Denmark with all the tourist that come and visit her, she is so popular that she became Denmark's icon. Edvard Erinksen was assigend the assigned the project by Carl Jacobsen, and thank goodness he did otherwise Denmark would not have one of their most popular and visited landmark.


The Little Mermaid statue is known for many things but an amazing fact is that the "The Little Mermaid" movie was based off her. When Evard Erinksen was first assigned the project he was told that Ellen Price, a famous ballerina if her time, but she refused to model nude, so The Little Mermaid statue was molded by Edvard Erinksen's wife, Ellen Erinksen. The Little Mermaid is so famous she is now the official emblem of Copenhagen.
The Little Mermaid statue - Copenhagen - Den lille havfrue