If you ever thought about going to Madagascar here are some reasons why you should go . The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo.The flag was most recently made into Madagascar´s flag in 1958.People in Madagascar are called Malagasy.I want to tell you more.But you have to read on.


These are some reasons I want to go to Madagascar. I want to see rare animals. Those are

animals that are almost extinct like the dinosaurs . I also want to see the aye aye. That's my favorite animal. Third, I want to see if people play any sports to.

These are some interesting that might persuade you to go to Madagascar.I learned that Madagascar is a large island.that is a place surrounded by water. Second, it holds lots of rare animals . Third, Madagascar is the only place that holds lemurs.

These are some cultural facts about Madagascar. First, Malagasy and french are Madagascar's official languages . Second, the flag is white , red, and green. Third, the population of Madagascar is 23,812,681 people.

Someday I would like to go to Madagascar. I want to see rare animals and I want to speak french . I want to know why Madagascar is a large island.If I someday go to Madagascar I want to learn even more.