Aaron Tveit

By Rosenda Noboa, Ethan Astacio, Javon Reid

Aaron Tveit had many accomplishments: “It’s hard for me to answer that as I don’t really look at it that way. I am very proud of the work I’ve done and grateful I’ve been able to continually work. I do hear from young people that that work has inspired them to sing or act and that always stops me in my tracks. It’s awesome” (Tveit).

Aaron Tveit might not see it for himself,but to many people he is a great influence. One reason he is a great influence is that he constantly hears from younger people that his work has inspired them to sing or act. This is an important legacy to leave because it will give people the motivation to work hard for their goals as Aaron did.

One person that played in influential role in Aaron’s life was his music teacher, Mr.Bennett. Mr.Bennett had an interest of Aaron’s Talent and helped him become the person he is today. Aaron explains, “Definitely Mr.Bennett. He was the first person who took an interest in my musical and dramatic talent. And really helped push me to take it seriously. He is the one who told me to take voice lessons and to not take anything for granted at that age”(Tveit). The actor left a legacy on his hometown because Mr.Bennett is able tell his students about Tveit and that might inspire students to do what they enjoy. In Conclusion, the talented young singer/actor accomplished his goals and could inspire other people to follow their dreams.


Tveit is a talented young musical singer/actor. He is devoted, dedicated and puts his all into everything he does, which caused him to appear in many different productions.

Tveit is successful because he worked hard to get where he is now and he grew up with people who believed in him.

Tveit has sadness in his life because when he was in school people thought he was gay and didn't think he could make it.

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