Laura's Restructuring Plan

Open August 2016

Montford Middle -- Open August 2016

1. All three grades (6-8) accepted immediately. Aim for 75 students/grade which would yield 225 students first year and 9 ADM teachers, plus E/C, CTE, media, counselor. Set goal of recruiting back 100 former ACS students who have left us for charter/private.

2. Hire principal in spring and allow to work on recruitment and development of magnet theme/curriculum

3. Transfer 1 counselor, 1 secretary, and 5 teachers from AMS. As current AMS employees to apply for transfers if interested.

4. Allow 2 or 3 positions at AMS to not be refilled after attrition bringing their total staff number down by about 8 teachers, 1 counselor, and 1 secretary.

5. Allow principal to hire remaining staff including assistant principal. Consider transferring one of AMS' current assistant principals to another school when openings arise, leaving AMS with 2 AP positions instead of 3.

6. Allow students to participate in sports at AMS.

7. Create music program and other extra-curriculars on campus (not part of AMS).

8. Put out feelers to see if the following year families are interested in balanced calendar.

All elementaries in ACS have K-5 configuration

1. HFE remains balanced calendar but current 6th graders are offered either Montford or AMS.

2. ACS Preschool building grows as follows:

Year 1: 4 preschools, 2 kindergartens, 2 first grades. Total of about 120 students and 9 or 10 teachers. Hire principal. Transfer in 3 new teachers. Current preschool program coordinators/directors either become teachers or central office overseers of preschool compliance throughout the district.

Year 2: 4 preschools, 2 kindergarten, 2 first grade, 2 second grade. Add about 50 kids and 2 more teachers.

Year 3: Add 2 third grade

Year 4: Add 2 fourth grade

Year 5: Add 2 fifth grade. School is now at projected capacity and serves about 320 students.

Overall changes and benefits

1. With all elementaries K-5, no students are forced to transfer into an existing population

2. Fewer transitions overall

3. Small middle school may allow retention of families who previously left ACS

4. Small middle school may allow further focus on closing achievement gaps and allowing equitable access to higher level high school programs.

5. Additional elementary on Haywood Rd provides for population growth on that side.

Costs or concerns

1. Cafeteria, playground, parking, busing at Haywood avenue

2. parking, busing at Montford

3. What renos are really needed at Montford?