Cyber Day Web2.0 Tools for Teachers

Need Some Ideas of Assignments Your Students Can Do Online?

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Post your links to assignments in the Student MYeCLASS Portal....then, use these easy ONLINE tools for you and your students!

Make the Cyber Day Learning FUN, ENGAGING, AND PRODUCTIVE! These ideas are just a few of the MANY options for you !

Don't Want Accounts Required Activities?

These web2.0 will quickly shoot you in the right direction for interactivity with your students WITHOUT them creating an account to use them.


eCLASS C&I Tool / Assessment


Embed the padlet board into your course page. Then, have students click and type to post their thoughts on the "online virtual bulletin board."

Google Apps for Education

If your students are not yet active on GAFE, post a document and make it public so that anyone with the link can access it. If you want students to type on it, set the permissions to allow anyone with the link to "edit." Then, post the link to the Google doc on your eCLASS course page! No Google account for students required! But, even better...if students DO log into their Google account, it will save a copy to their student drive.