Ambassador Report

Why I should be an ambassador

Why I would be a good representative

I think I would be a good representative for our school body because I can bring new ideas to the table and introduce things that we've never had before.

I am very creative and I'd like to be more outgoing and I can use my creativity to help with our ambassador council plans.

How am I a role model to Catholic values?

I am a good role model to Catholic values because every day if there are kids being bullied or hurt I can stand up to whoever is doing that and help them and make them feel good.

I treat other people with respect and dignity as Mrs. Dinolfo says every morning.

If I am part of the ambassadors council I will make sure we come up with a plan that we all agree on. I will listen to what other people's ideas are and give my own ideas.

My work ethic

At school, I try to get good grades by doing as much practice and studying as I can to fully understand what I am being asked.

My work ethic outside school to pay attention and to be committed to achieve what I want in training in Taekwondo and acting class.

Charities and causes

I feel passionate about helping in the food drive because I know that out there, there are people that don't have food and are hungry. So, I will work my best to make sure that people have food and are ok. I feel like I should do this because they don't have enough so helping them by giving them food will be the very least I can do.

Events for charities

Food drives are always open for people in the Halton region so we can do our part and help during Christmas and holidays but if there is a huge gap between each food drive there might not be enough food left for other people to eat. So I feel like we should have a food drive more often to help more often.