Digital Footprint

By Makila Mueller

Are we leaving a trace behind us when we are online?

Truth is, yes we are. Everything we do can be found by someone. With just a click, your entire life could be exposed to a total stranger!

Can people find out our personal information?

Yes. People can figure out your password,email, address, they can even find out about your friends!

Is what we post online hidden,even if we share it to our friends?

No. People can dig deeper into your profile and find your posts. About everything,so maybe you should think about what you post. Does it have a negative effect on someone? Is it nice? Think about it. Should you post it?

Is the digital footprint positive or negative?

It's up to you. You're the host to the account,data, everything. What you do can be tracked somehow,by someone. Lets say for example, You're posting something negative about someone, then you delete it. When looking hard enough,it can be found!

I delete my search history after searching something on Google,is it really gone?

No. Like Konata said, You're forever here. Anything and everything can be found! Just because you deleted the search history,doesn't mean it's really gone.

Any tips?

Watch what you post,search or do online. It could ruin your life one day. So be careful.