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Back to School Edition - 8/30/19

Open House & Playground Social

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 2-4pm

Bradley Gardens School Playground

Meet your teacher and find your classroom from 2-3 PM ONLY, then join us for a Playground Social during and after the Open House from 2-4 PM. Buy Kona Ice & spirit-related school supplies. Play games and get to know more about opportunities to join Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, and Bradley Gardens Little Loop. See you on the playground!

Teachers Have a Great New Space!

While our students and teachers were recharging over the summer, the PTO has been busily renovating our Teachers' Lounge. Under the leadership of our PTO Co-Vice Presidents, Sally Bartlett & Jennifer Winchock, the lounge got a complete overhaul. They worked with the faculty and staff to understand the challenges of the current lounge. They also asked what the teachers wished for that would make it a more inviting place to work.

Take a look at our gallery below to see how Sally & Jenn turned the lounge from drab to fab!

Teachers' Lounge before - old cabinets & appliances, hodge podge of decor, nothing functional.
Lounge after renovation. New cabinets, more counters, fresh appliances, calm and inviting decor.
After photos - counter height chairs, new appliance station, coffee maker, and decor.
Thank you to all of our Bears families for their help to paint, organize, decorate and more to make this happen. We'd also like to thank everyone who's helped to fundraise for school improvements over the last few years - this major improvement wouldn't have been possible without your partnership!

In Case You Missed It Last Week

The PTO's Going Mobile - Sign Up Today

Our PTO is moving everything you need for the PTO to a tool called AtoZ Connect. This one-stop-shop is available via your web browser AND an app for your mobile phone. Check out a quick intro video about AtoZ Connect here.

Here's what you need to do to get started:

Don't delay - get registered for AtoZ Connect today!

Join the PTO, Pay for Class Fund Dues & More

Once you register for AtoZ Connect, you can take care of some Back to School Purchases, including:

  • PTO Membership for 2019-20 - see flyer below about PTO membership
  • Class Fund Dues for 3 gifts for your child's teacher throughout the year plus offsetting any additional party items
  • Buy a printed copy of the school directory (remember, an online copy is included free with PTO membership)
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to the PTO

Win an Amazon Echo Dot

You're entered for a chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot each time you complete one of the following Back to School activities:

  • Register for AtoZ Connect
  • Verify your info after you register
  • Purchase a PTO Membership

We'll pick a lucky winner in mid-October!

Get Involved - Volunteer to Be a Homeroom Parent

Kids love to see their parents involved at school. Consider volunteering to become a Homeroom Parent.

Read our Homeroom Parent flyer below to learn more. If you'd like to volunteer, let us know by completing our interest form:

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