Social Media Do's And Don'ts

There A lot Of things You Should Not On the Internet.

1.Don't Stalk The Life of a Former Partner.

Remember that you broke up for a reason, you never did own them and certainly do not now and monitoring their every move will only preoccupy you with thoughts in the opposite direction of truly moving on.

2. Don't Create An Ideal YOU.

Rather than creating a false self that is bound to crumble if ever faced in person, why not use social media as the perfect platform to truly be yourself and connect with like-minded individuals?

3.Dont post: Vulgar or obscene language, materials, photos or links that may be considered inappropriate or unprofessional.

4.Do: Use common sense when you’re using social   media

5.Do use security settings

6. Its Social Media BE SOCIAL.

7.And Finally:Nobody likes trolls SO DONT BE ONE.