Messman-Saran Library Newsletter

Fall Term, 2014

Library Gets a New Look and Feel!

Major updates were made in the library this summer. Shelving was moved to accommodate more comfortable seating in the front area of the library. The center section of the library was also changed -- collaboration tables, complete with two mounted screens per table, were added for students to use for group work. The goal is to make the space a better place for collaborative work and socializing during recess.

Library Orientations

Every English class came to the library this term for their annual library orientations. New students were introduced to the library for the first time while returning students got a refresher and learned about some changes in the library. These sessions allowed students to become familiar with the library (and the librarian!) and have their questions answered.

Lesson Highlight: Greek Gods Research

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Ms. Schroeder's Ninth Grade English classes came to the library to work on an exciting project relating to Greek mythology. The class was divided into groups and asked to read a myth about a particular God. The groups then created a movie trailer in iMovie (an iPad app) based on their myth. They also did research on their God and created a presentation to share with their class. Ms. Dalane helped the students to find reliable sources by creating a pathfinder and worked with each group to help them create their citations.

OverDrive App

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This year, 114 Hillside students received parental permission to use OverDrive. OverDrive allows students to check out ebook and audiobooks through the Marlborough Public Library. Since every boy also has an iPad, Ms. Dalane brought each English class into the library to show them how to sign in and use the free app. The collection available to our students through OverDrive consists of over 20,000 ebooks and over 5,000 audiobooks.

Reading Rewards

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Reading Rewards is off to a strong start this year! So far, students and faculty have submitted over 22,000 pages, which means we are about 18% of the way towards our goal of 125,000 pages. The top five students this term include:

  1. James Walker (4,426 pages)
  2. Jonas Zhai (1,843 pages)
  3. Brandon Yep (1,811 pages)
  4. Songtai Liu (1,726 pages)
  5. Edward Kosek (1,354 pages)

Keep reading over break and submit your pages for the Winter Term contest!

New Periodicals in the Library

Based on the results of a faculty survey and student feedback, the library has adjusted periodical subscriptions this school year. New periodicals include:

Ride BMX Transworld

Smithsonian Magazine

Scientific American

NY Times Upfront

The New Yorker

Education Week

The Atlantic

These periodicals are available to all students, faculty, and staff to read in the library or check out for one week. The full list of subscriptions can be found below.

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Follow the Library!

The library now has both a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Ms. Dalane will be posting updates, book reviews and recommendations, and more on these pages. Please follow her!