How Has Family Changed Over Time?

A quick sum up by Austin Grauberger-Heims

Have "Family Values" taken a turn for the worst?

Over recent years, the idea of having family seems to have faded away. Due to recent changes in culture and modern technology, family members seem to have grown more and more distant from each other. For example, the idea of putting elderly family members in a nursing home is somewhat of a new trend. For years, society told it's members that it was the family's responsibility to look after a grandparent or any other elderly family member. Nursing homes were looked down upon and one was thought as "uncaring" if they placed a family member there. Today, nursing homes a booming industry and it is no longer looked down upon to place loved ones in the nursing home.

Does society and the government act as that other parent?

How single parent households affect our kids?

The number of single parent households have skyrocketed in recent years, the numbers are only going up. This has caused the government to step in and be that second parent in a financial way. The community also has become more of a babysitter for children within recent years. With school, after school activities, and other programs, parents don't see their children as often as parents in older generations would have. This may suggest that children will place less importance on family values as they mature, and may place more time and concern within their community.

Rates of divorce are also at a all time high in the United States today. Divorce can have many negative effects on a family, however, most of these effects have to do with the children of the family. The video below can give you more info:

Effects of divorce on children