Summertime Sharing

A lesson about sharing

The Theme and Speakers Attitude

The theme of the poem is that sharing is a great thing, and it can lead to greater things. The speakers attitude is very positive and can be described as caring. I know this because he buys the girl an ice-cream because she was pouting and stooping.

Poetic Devices

"Me and my fast feet are there and back in just two shakes." This is an example of hyperbole because it is exaggerating something. "Her teeth flash in one humorous grin..." This is an example of personification because you're teeth can not actually flash so it is giving an nonliving like thing living characteristics.

If you love poems that will cheer up your day then I would definitly recommend Summertime Sharing

Picture Choices

My images represent the mood because they all have someone smiling or they have ice-cream, and the mood is very positive which is why I chose these pictures.