The Outsiders

By: Nolan Samuelson, Zac Foster and Jennifer Lawrence

The POV is 1st Person

The reason we know that The Outsiders is 1st Person Point of View is because on page 34, Ponyboy describes his emotions and feelings all while using the pronouns of I, me, my and ours.

Summary of the book: The Outsiders

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton - Minute Book Report

3 Uses of Text Structure in The Outsiders

Allusion: On page 5, the author says that 'Nothing can stay gold.'

Imagery: The crisp cool air breezed past my greased up hair as the blood dripped down from my cheek and caused my eyes to water up and become frozen under my eye. Page 35

Personification: The fence seemed to ponder if it should stop the greaser or not. Page 88

Here are 3 of the main characters in the story:

How Our Group Critiqued the Story:

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