Bleeding Sumner

Southern Congressman attacks Northern Senator?

The attack from the South

Southern Congressman Preston Brooks brutally beats Northern Senator Charles Sumner. Preston Brooks took it upon himself to defend the honor of his kin and attacked Charles Sumner.

Charles Sumner, the victim of the attack, had a very "descriptive" opinion about his attack.

" Although I was almost dead from that sorry excuse of a congressman, what he did proved my point in the fact that slavery is an abomination to an idea from the human race and should never be known as something to be proud of." The actions he committed upon myself is a example of how his Southern people are treating the poor slaves that deserve better.

My opinions of the attack?

Tuesday, April 22nd 1856 at 9pm

On the senate floor

I think that Charles Sumner was only speaking the truth of the attack and that he should have charged a fine higher than $300 dollars in my opinion. Preston Brooks should've been sent to jail for such a attack on the senate floor with well known politicians especially. As a congressman, Preston should've known of the downfall of slavery. Instead he just denies it. That proves that slavery is a lost cause. The South should lean towards industry now.