By: Levi Hawk

Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

People had no idea who the individual was, or even if it was an individual people started to think that it was a group or gangs there at the time. The media gave the name of a serial killer that was going out at night and killing prostitutes and specifically his mark was slitting their throats. This all started in April of 1888 and supposedly ended in September of 1888 near the east end of London. No one knows why he or they did this. Anger? Psychopath? Or just for the fun of it? We will never know....
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Perspective #1

After the 4th victim The Star newspaper took the idea that the person killing was Anti-Semitic towards prostitutes and that they were the only target. Then a letter gets sent to a news agency saying the name of this killer is Jack-the-ripper.

Perspective #2

The media earlier in the Jack-the-RIpper case claimed that this was one man killing all these prostitutes. Later, after speculation and talks with the Police, they started to say that the killings were done by local gangs or groups of people. That made the public even more frightened then they were before. Because of this, the police asked the media to not write about this anymore. People were still scared of jack-the-ripper.
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jack The Ripper

Media Bias Explained

The media portrayed Jack-the-Ripper sometimes as a demon, as a super-human, everything. They said that this was a gang or group of people. But after reading about this and researching, I have come to the conclusion that this was one man. The dates were spread out far enough to make this possible to be one man. If the dates were close or almost one after another I would start to think that. Or if it was over all of England it would have to be a group of people but the fact that it was in one area and the dates of murders was spread out, this is the doing of one man, Jack-the-Ripper.

Criticism #1

Historical Criticism is also implied as well because this takes place in the late 1800's. This is a long time ago which made it hard for cops and detectives then to find the man who did this. Making it long ago and with technology is what made Jack-the-RIpper so dangerous. This time period, they didn't have weapons we have now, crime busting technology we have.

Criticism #2

This shows Feminist Criticism by Jack-the-Ripper's targets being female. Feminist Criticism is exactly that. Criticism based and the female gender. He targeted women specifically prostitutes. He would cut them up into pieces and leave them there right where he found them.