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Lovely Bones


The lovely bones is a book about a innocent fourteen little girl name Susie Salmon. She is on her way home and she takes a short cut. As she is walking home taking the short cut , a man stops her and starts a conversation with her. While he is doing this , theses are the places that she was rapped and killed. She watches all her family from heaven as they suffer from the disappearrance of Susie Salmon.


  • Why was the book challenged , and who ? In March of 2008 a woman from Massachusetts said that this book was showing kids that they can kill someone with out getting in trouble for it as Susies killer did in the lovely bones. ( Slide Show )

Lovely bones ( The book ]


In my opinion ;

In my opinion, i don't think this book should have been challenged because the simple fact if you don't want your child reading it then , control your child and tell them no. Personally I don't think any ones parent should be telling other children what they can and can not read.


READ READ READ READ READ , banned or not.